PS2 keyboard issues when kade connected

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PS2 keyboard issues when kade connected

Post by superpomme » Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:32 am


I have been using a kade device (ATMEGA32U2) which is set up and working great, however I have noticed that if I leave it connected when I reboot the pc, the keyboard doesn't work when it boots up. It's weird as the light comes on for the keyboard, and it has no problems using either device if the kade is plugged in once the pc is booted. The kade is set up in usb hid mode (the one with just the buttons rather than the custom one), and my keyboard is a ps2 connector one.
I'm thinking that the pc is possibly thinking that the kade is the keyboard and so is ignoring my main one. I tried disabling legacy usb in the bios (in case it was trying to see the kade as a usb keyboard that it presumed needed drivers), but this didn't help.

Next step will be changing the mode of the kade, but has anyone else seen this happening, and has any advice for me before I do all the debugging?

As a second question - is there a way to rename the input device( kade1, kade2 etc), as it is a bit confusing when you have multiple connected



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